Top Ten Best Jigsaw Reviews

When choosing the best jigsaw, there are certain things to consider like, how much will I use the jigsaw? This will determine, the power of the tool you will need to choose. If you use it a lot you should choose the highest power available.

Once decided on the power that is needed, next you need to look at the features, speed control, cutting settings, and how ergonomically it is. Also, there is a consideration to also take into account, what material you will be cutting, plastic metal or wood.

If you are cutting plastic, you need to be able to run at a slow speed, so as not to melt the plastic, as a jigsaw blade get very hot, and can melt some plastics, some materials benefit from the orbital cutting action.

Moving on too, do I need to cut beveled angles? Again these need to be cut a slower speed. There is a safety chip shield that will prevent chips and sawdust from being thrown directly at your face, while you should always wear safety glass, you can still get dust on your face.

So it is much safer if the jigsaw has a safety shield or a blower to blow the sawdust forward away from you. There are so many things to take into consideration. When buying the best jigsaw.

This is where I do my job!

First I take the top 10 market leading best jigsaw’s into our testing workshop, Then I put them to the test, they are scored on 20 bench tests like how long will they cut for, the pressure that is needed to cut through a ¾ inch sheet of wood.

Then I test it on plastic and then steel. Each test is recorded and scored to ensure that the products I recommend have been put through put through their paces.

My aim is to be your product tester for the best jigsaw and other power tools, these recommendations will be invaluable before you make a buying decision.

The five best jigsaw’s in my comparison chart below are those I personally think are worth your serious consideration, and worth looking at, before you make a buying decision.

These are the best jigsaws, and all qualify for my top contender list, for quality, durability, and price.


THE TOP 5 BEST Jigsaw’s of 2017 (Updated)

Our Review Guide to the 5 Best Jigsaws

Having the best jigsaw gives you the versatility to cut any shape in any material, it will cut curves, circles and straight and will cut any shape material, with speeds that you can control with your fingertips.

Most jigsaws will cut an angle through to 90 degrees, left or right, interchangeable blades for an array of materials. Just choose the correct blade, lock it in positions and cut away.

Hitachi 18V Compact
  • Excellent package, great value for money. Charging could be a bit faster.
  • PROS
  • An awesome all-around cordless drill, good performance. Scores well in every category. Very well-liked by buyers, at an affordable price for the DIYer. Supplied with a double-sided Phillips bit
  • CONS
  • Could be a bit faster at top speed when drilling.
  • Full Hitachi Review
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Makita Cordless 18 V
  • A professional-grade tool at a price high-end DIYers can afford. With a powerfull battery.
  • PROS
  • Great power, superb battery, and extremely fast charging. Price is awesome for this power.
  • CONS
  • I could not find anything negative with the Makita
  • Full Makita Review
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Milwaukee 18V Compact
  • A great all-rounder from a leading manufacturer. Sturdy case. Nice grip.
  • PROS
  • 4 Brushes to increase performance and power. Supplied with 2 battery's, which is a big plus.
  • CONS
  • Slightly heavier than most model I have reviewed, don't be put off by it,
  • Full Milwaukee Review
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DeWalt 20V Compact
  • Professional 20 volt cordless drill. Supplied with contractors bag
  • PROS
  • Nothing beats it for torque output. Small and light. Incredible weight and price. Supplied with 2 x battery's
  • CONS
  • I think this drill could have had a plastic case.
  • Full Dewalt Review
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Porter Cable 20V
  • Affordably priced. A hugely popular kit, and for good reason.
  • PROS
  • Nothing beats it for torque output. Outstanding reputation for reliability. Twin battery pack. Light weight 3.2 lbs
  • CONS
  • Heavier than most model we have reviewed
  • Full Porter Cable Review
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Makita 4329K 3.9 Amp Variable-Speed Top-Handle Jigsaw

Top 10 Best Jigsaw Review

The Makita Jigsaw, is a great addition to any workshop, you are able to to control the speed of the cutting anything between 500 SPM to 3100 (strokes per minute). I considered at 3100, this is more than enough power to tackle any job you could throw at it. Its simple speed control is via a small speed control dial with 6 settings to control the jigsaw, giving you total flexibility to handle any project that you want to do, with the ability to adjust the speed for cutting material, such as wood, plastic, and sheet metal. This top handle jigsaw, the Makita 4329K is a professional tool and suitable for the DIYer and hobbyist alike.

With its dual cutting action, it has the ability of being able to cut in a straight line or in an orbital action, by the simple flick of the select lever, with 3 orbital cutting settings large, medium or small, this is a great feature, as it enables you to cut, wood, plastic or sheet metal, with an optimal speed for the desired material. One of the features I found great was the counter balance system, designed to reduce the vibration, commonly found with other jigsaws. Giving you a more comfortable grip, and the ability to control your cutting actions. And features a trigger lock, which will keep the power on, without having to depress the power lever, so you can focus more on the cutting.

The motor delivers 450 watts of power, which makes continuous cutting a breeze

The aluminum die-cast base will be able to bevel cuts 45 degrees left and right with a positive stop at 90 degrees for performance cutting. At a fraction under 8 inches and weighing just a tad over 4 pounds. Change the blades are simple and easy, supplied with a hex wrench and come with a plastic carrying case to protect your jigsaw. The motor delivers 450 watts of power, which makes continuous cutting a breeze. The chip guard will prevent chips from covering your cutting line, giving you a more precise cutting.

With all this in mind, I considered this a perfect jigsaw to buy, with its outstanding value for money, when you consider the performance you are getting.

Reasons Why I Can Personally Recommend It.

  • Motor. 3.9 amps at 450 watts.
  • Protection. Fully fitted anti chip cover, preventing chips from covering you cutting line.
  • Ergonomically.  designed with a soft rubberized grip, which will give you increased comfort and more control.
  • Speed. A high-performance 450 watt motor with dual cutting modes, straight and orbital cutting strokes
  • Warranty. 3 Year online Limited Warranty extendable.

It’s all about the cutting accuracy, this jigsaw kept to the pencil lines even on the circle cuts.

I like the anti chip cover, kept the sawdust away from the blade.

I struggled to find any bad points on this jigsaw. With no issues to report.

Other Considerations

  • Professional grade jigsaw, desirable for all level of competency.

After compiling top ten best jigsaw reviews, I have given the following scores to the Makita 4329K 3.9 Amp Variable-Speed Top-Handle Jigsaw

  • 95 Quality
  • 92 Value
  • 96 Brand
  • Overall 94.3


Ryobi JS481LG 4.8 Amp Variable Speed Orbital Jig Saw LED Lighting System

Top 10 Best Jigsaw Review

The variable speed Ryobi jigsaw delivers awesome power, performance and value than ever before. It is able to cut, in orbital and straight cut mode, which is controlled by the speed match lever, just select the material type and go, with its built in dust blower, which will keep, wood chips, sawdust, metal swarf or any other cutting debris away from you cutting line. Fitted with an LED light enable you to see your cutting line, when the work area is low light.

One of the features I found on this Ryobi jigsaw was it improved rubber over grip, which made it really comfortable to use, for prolonged periods of time. Adjusting the orbital speed was simple, with its easy slide lever, and its material indicator, so you cannot get it wrong. For continues cutting, you just simply lock the cutting trigger. You can adjust the cutting bevel right through to 90 degrees, for right or left side cutting angles. Ryobi gives you a powerful motor drawing 4.8 amps.

I found the keyless blade changing to be an added bonus, with its T-Shank jigsaw blades designed for maximum gripping power, my only gripe was the blade that was supplied with the jigsaw, it was not great, and I had to change it with a compatible jigsaw blade.

I had no issues whatsoever with the Ryobi JS481LG 4.8-Amp Variable Speed Orbital Jig Saw, and I tested the cutting endurance for a long period of time without any issues, in fact, it was a pleasure to use, and if you are on a budget, this is the tool I personally buy. It will take your woodworking projects to the next level. I guarantee you will be pleased with this jigsaw.

Reasons Why I Can Personally Recommend It.

  • Motor Power. Great power from the 4.8 amp motor.
  • Design  Has solid metal base plate, with it’s over molding is resistant to scuffs and scratches.
  • Blade Changing. Key-less blade changing which is very useful.
  • Cutting. Dual cutting strokes. Straight cutting and orbital cutting.

Great to use really comfortable.

Keyless blade changing.

Power cord could have been 12 inches longer.

Other Considerations

  • Some Limitations. I didn’t find anything to limitations to report.

After compiling top ten best best jigsaw reviews, I have given the following scores to the Ryobi JS481LG 4.8 Amp Variable Speed Orbital Jig Saw LED Lighting System

  • 94 Quality
  • 96 Value
  • 91 Brand
  • Overall 93.6

Black & Decker JS670V LineFinder Orbital Jig Saw with SmartSelect Technology

Top 10 Best Jigsaw Review

Black and Decker is a trusted name around the home, which is synonymous to their power tool brand, and have been around for many years.

Powered by a 5 amp motor, delivering 800 – 300 SPM. (stroke per minute) This is attained by simply depressing the trigger switch more, fitted with a large power button, that you can press for continues cutting power operations. This will allow you to concentrate on your cutting, giving you more accuracy.

LineFinder, a great feature, this will highlight your cutting lines to make it easy to follow the exact line you have drawn and gives greater visibility & accuracy.

Making the correct cut is a cinch with the Black and Decker, as this jigsaw had SmartSelect technology, which will take away the guess work out of selecting the correct cutting mode, You have 7 modes that you can select, simply by setting the dial from 1-7  to the appropriate icon, this will automatically set the cutting mode for the job.

Making an accurate beveled cut, is no longer a guessing game, as it is fitted with a beveling lever, the increments are 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees, there is a window that shows you what you have set it too and can make right of left beveled cuts.

With this jigsaw, it has the advantage of having a dust blower, which will clear the saw dust off your cutting line, making it easy for you to see the cutting line, and gives you more accurate cuts.

Fitted with an onboard blade storage, and has tool-less blade changing, so no tools are required to swap over blades. You can use either T blades or U blades on the Black & Decker jigsaw.

The Black & Decker JS670V has the LineFinder which illuminates your cutting line that adds greater accuracy and visibility.


Reasons Why I Can Personally Recommend It.

  • SmartSelect Technology. take the guess work out of selecting the correct cut.
  • Lightweight. One of the lightest in its class, you will be able to use this without fatigue on your arms and wrists.
  • LineFinder. Greater accuracy on your cutting.

I like the Llinefinder as it illuminated the cutting line., and did not require any tools to change the blades

7 cutting modes to choose from depending on the material you are cutting. A reasonably priced jigsaw for these specifications

I struggled to find any bad points on this jigsaw. With no issues to report.

Other Considerations

  • Tool-less . takes U and T blades, which can be stored in the built in storage.

After compiling top ten best best jigsaw reviews, I have given the following scores to the Black & Decker JS670V LineFinder Orbital Jig Saw with SmartSelect Technology

  • 99 Quality
  • 98 Value
  • 98 Brand
  • Overall 98.6

SKIL 4395-01 5.5 Amp Orbital Jig Saw

Top 10 Best Jigsaw Review

The Skil jigsaw has one of the most powerful motors out there in its class 600 watts and cuts speed of 300 strokes per minutes. Drawing 5.5 amps of power.

It features a 3 power cutting settings, the 1st is designed to cut metal, as this is a slow speed, it will prevent over heating of the motor, and will make the motor labor, the 2nd speed is for cutting plastic or sheet rock, then the 3rd is for cutting wood. This takes out the guess work out of selecting the correct speed to the job in hand. Another feature that is useful is the ability to have the jigsaw cut using the straight cut or orbital mode, which enables you to cut faster, with more accuracy and smoother. I didn’t like the setting of the bevel cutting, you have to set it by setting 2 screws, which I found challenging. Will cut both sides of a bevel. Its bevel range is 22.5° through to 45°.

With its onboard blade storage, it is simple to change, with no tools required to accomplish this., and has almost no vibrations when cutting. An added feature is the locking switch which will not let the motor accidentally start by accident. A stable foot plate gives you perfect control over start up cutting. There is no chip protection visor, bearing this in mind, we always recommend that you wear eye safety glass and ear defenders, no matter what tool you use.

Reasons Why I Can Personally Recommend It

  • Skil Warranty.  1-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Motor. 600 watts 5.5 amp motor
  • Cutting. Cuts in both straight and orbital mode.
  • Speed. Having 3-speed settings with straight or orbital cutting mode

Overall a good quality jigsaw with 3-speed settings

Powerful 5.5 amp 600 watt motor with a long power cord. Tool-less blade changing

This jigsaw juddered a little more than the others that I tested but was not a big issue.

Other Considerations

  • Bevel setting has to be set by two screws, which I found a pain.

After compiling top ten best best jigsaw reviews, I have given the following scores to the SKIL 4395-01 5.5 Amp Orbital Jig Saw

  • 90 quality
  • 90 value
  • 94 brand
  • Overall 91.3

PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6-Amp Orbital Jig Saw

Top 10 Best Jigsaw Review

Even though I am a Makita man, I love this jigsaw, fitted with a 6 amp motor and 3200 strokes per minutes, giving you the power and speed to tackle almost any job that come your way.

Its variable speed control allows you to change the speed settings via its trigger, which is integrated into its trigger you have the options of 7 different speeds to choose from, with a lock, which you can set for continues long cutting.

When it comes to the cutting action, you have 4 orbital settings and one straight. Position 0 is straight cutting that means the blade will move straight up and down. The orbital action is best suited to cutting soft materials like wood or plastic. In the orbital cut, the blade moves forward on the upstroke for a fast cut.

Another feature of the corded jig saw is that it allows you to adjust the shoe for bevel cuts. The shoe can be beveled to the left or to the right. Bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees can be made. It implements tool-free system for fast and easy bevel adjustments.

As with other current models, the PC600JS comes with a fast key-less blade change mechanism. Blade installation can be accomplished easily.
Simply push the blade locking lever upward. Then insert the new blade into the holder as far as it will go and release the lever.

To help you deal with materials that are susceptible to scratching, the tool comes with a removable shoe sleeve. The unit’s LED light is great too illuminate the cutting line.

Reasons Why I Can Personally Recommend It

  • Porter Cable Motor. 3200 RPM.
  • Speed Control. 7 speed settings
  • Tools. Requires no tools to change a cutting blade.

Price is a big factor, and this jigsaw is good value from a top manufacture

Powerful 3200 RPM.motor.

Getting into my top 5 mean there are hardly any bad points to mention. The same goes with this jigsaw.

Other Considerations

  • Warranty.  3 year limited warranty.

After compiling top ten best best jigsaw reviews, I have given the following scores to the PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6-Amp Orbital Jig Saw

  • 95 quality
  • 94 value
  • 93 brand
  • Overall 94

In out testing five other jigsaw’s didn’t make it into our to reviews section here, you can read their reviews in our review section together with other reviews that we conducted in our rigorous testing.


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