About Me

I have been working as a manager in the power tool department at Home Depot since March 2009 until February 20th, 2017 in Michigan. In that time I have built up a vast knowledge on almost every power tool on the market. From cordless drills to chainsaws, and over to lawn mowers and weed wackers. I would know what the rpm of a tool, the weight of any tool, even how long it takes a battery to recharge, as well as the price for each tool. I would even know if it was at a lower price at Lowes, Northern Tools or Harbour Freight. When I first started there I had a legal pad that I would write every tool specification in. As they brought in new models, I would change my notes.

One Saturday morning it was raining, and I couldn’t get a few tasks done in the yard that I wanted to, which I had listed in my notepad with a list of what I need to do, with the time it would take to complete each job and the cost of each project. It was then as it was raining that I decided to put all my tool notes into an Excel spreadsheet, what seemed to be a quick and easy task turned out to take over my life. I would work on it evenings and weekends and ended up taking three months to complete. I finished it and showed my wife Marjorie, she turned to me said, “how do you know all this stuff, but you cannot remember where the spaghetti is kept in the larder”.
I could only laugh, as she was right. If it did jump out at me I couldn’t see it.

Later that evening I asked her to quiz me on some of the specifications. It was then I realized that I knew my power tools inside out, back to front, upside down, even in my sleep. The following day I went down to Staples and got them printed on large format, I rushed home to put them up in my woodwork workshop wall, then Marjorie said to me why don’t you put them on the Internet.

One afternoon we were having a BBQ, I was talking to my buddy Carl about my power saws in my shop. He said that he was thinking about buying a new table saw, but couldn’t make his mind up on one as he had seen three that he liked, I turned to him and said if you give me the model numbers I will look at the specifications for you and compare them. That evening he sent me an SMS with all details of the table saws. I looked at them and with my spreadsheet copied the template to a new sheet and did a comparison of them side by side, listing the best table saw first I did that and sent it over to him. But said just because it looks a better specification, that doesn’t mean that it will perform better. I said you need to get a demonstration on all three. The following Saturday we both went down to the tool store and tried all three, with identical pieces of 2 X 4 lumber. On face value, he should have chosen the table saw with the better spec, but we both agreed that the saw that came second actually cut better and cleaner than its counterparts due to its build quality and dust extraction setup. With that, he purchased the Craftsman 21833.

Soon after that, I was buying a new cordless drill looking for the free shipping, as I knew the price already. And the website was looking for people to write reviews on the product that they sold. They were offering $60 for a professional review that they could use on their website. So with that in mind, I bought the drill I wanted and used the $60 to upgrade the battery from a 3Ah to a 5Ah battery

About 3 weeks after I submitted the review and it was accepted Alan from the company called me up and asked me could I do some more reviews for him, I told him that I couldn’t as we had a new baby and most of my time is taking up with helping out with her. I told my wife about it and that I declined his offer. That’s when she said I should start a review website myself. That is when toolreview.info was born. I test all the products myself and compare them, then give an unbiased review on them.

The World’s Best Power Tool Reviews

I have committed myself to being the world’s best source of power tool comparison information. This is how it works:

  1. I will carefully select the top power tool products in each category.
  1. I will buy all the products we review, at retail just like you do, to help assure complete objectivity and independence in all my ratings. No tool will be sponsored by any manufacturer.
  1. I will put each power tool product through detailed side by side tests, both in the workshop and in the field, and I score each product throughout the test, across a large range of weighted categories.
  1. I will rank the products, explain why, and give awards to ones we think are the best.

You’ll find the information on toolreview.info will make it easier for you to pick the right power tool for your workshop

If you would like to contact me about anything, please email me, I would be delighted to hear from you, you may have an opinion on something I have reviewed. Maybe there is a product range that you would like a review on, and I have not reviewed yet.


Best Regards

Gregory Lewis

Founder of toolreview.info